Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hanging around Cedar Key...

We do actually spend a lot of time right here in Cedar Key, actually most of the time, but not too much to post about lately except for some cold, windy weather and our slow paced life of walking downtown or chilling at the tiki bar. But we did, finally, get out to Shellmound - a prehistoric Indian mound and nature trail. We've been hearing about this spot since we were here last year - supposedly there is absolutely no ambient light there so on a clear night you can really view the evening sky. We went during the day to check it out. There is a nice, little campground there as well - just about 10-15 minutes away from our campground. It is part of the Lower Swannee National Wildlife Refuge and they have a boat launch, fishing pier and a couple of nature trails which we went on. The area was created by Archaic cultures and completed by Woodland period cultures and was built up by the discarding of shells from their food source. It was once used as a source of materials for road construction but now it is only open to foot traffic.

check out how the tree on the right has grown around the palm on the left
We've had a couple of fun nights at the tiki bar hanging out with Pat, Cindy, Jay and Russ and meeting new people all of the time, and of course seeing the beautiful sunsets...just another day in between doing tax returns, that is!
The new deck Pat and Cindy just built for the Tiki Bar - lots more room for those BBQs!

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