Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GATR H3 St. Patty's Day Hash

I have been on the Gainesville Yahoo hash page since last winter and hadn't seen a post in over a year, but just about a week before St. Patty's Day there was a post that the start location of the hash was changed. Whoa - so there is an active hash! I responded quickly and got all the info - we had no plans and hadn't hashed since Austin so we gathered up our kilts and "green" and drove an hour into Gainesville. There was a small group that met at the start, an ABC Liquor store (perfect), which was comprised of 4 virgins, 2 visitors, and about 5 GATR H3's two of whom were unnamed, and 2 were the hares - quite a mixed group! At "chalk talk" we were informed that there were multiple beer checks and jello shot checks so we knew we were in for a good time. 

During this period I had stopped drinking - wanting to see if I could go 30 days without booze (I'll spare you the gory details, but I only made it 9). Trying to do this during St. Patty's Day and during a hash was going to be a challenge, but I did actually survive a day of hashing without a drop of liquor or a jello shot!

The hares took off and Bill, aka XS, started us in a few songs and Father Abraham to warm us up and off we went. We quickly became aware that this group did not know a lot of songs, but guess who did?! 

The morning before we left Bill came up with the idea that we should bring a good Irish drinking song to the hash and the first song that came to mind was a great one we had learned from our friend "Flea" at the Mt. Tallac Brewery in South Lake Tahoe. Quite often we would sing the hash "Days of the Week" song at the brewery and Flea loved it and taught us his "Days of the Week Song" - which is called "Seven Drunken Nights." We printed it out and memorized it on our way to the hash (we had an hour drive!). When I went online to get the melody right one of the links I pulled up had some audience participation in it and we thought that would just be the best to get everyone involved. So when we stopped at the first beer check Bill sang the first two days worth of song and at every beer and jello shot check we sang more and more of the song. At one of the checks it said that we had to come up with a song to sing to the hares, CHECK! we had that covered! The next beer check was in this cool little hut and the perfect place for us to perform - here are the last two days, check it out! And oh, beware, you might not want to play this at work!

 We also had to come up with a limerick at one of the jello shot checks - don't remember this one at all! This was a great hash with totally fun people - the virgins had a blast, we all did! And we found out that they post their hash info on their Facebook page - so mystery solved!

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