Saturday, February 9, 2013

February Sexuary...

Courtesy of Christine's Welcome To My Brain"
Have you heard of this? It is an annual experience my friend Christine from Welcome To My Brain started and I was intrigued. Basically you and your partner set goals for however it is you want to experience Sexuary. As she says "there is no one way to do it. It's about setting goals in the best way for you. Making sex better for YOU - whatever that means. More sex. Different sex. New toys. No toys. Faster. Slower. Whatevs." 
February just happens to be my favorite month - it's my birth month, it's the love month and it's the Age of Aquarius month, how can you not love it?! Anyway, Bill certainly wasn't opposed to embracing Sexuary, whatever that meant for us. We didn't get around to putting down goals in writing before the month started, which I think was kind of important for this challenge, but it's not too late and we need to come up with something more specific than how we've been doing it. Maybe we'll each write a few ideas down on pieces of paper and once a week pull one out of a hat - who knows? But, it does get your mental (and other) juices flowing and just the anticipation of what it could be is fun. So get together with your partner, check out Christine's blog and have some fun with it; I know we are!

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