Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hwy 395

We love traveling down Hwy 395 from Tahoe to Southern California - it's so much more interesting than I-5 any day! So that was our plan, especially since we were headed to Idyllwild. Once again hoping to avoid reinventing the wheel I turned to the Wheeling It blog I follow - they've traveled up and down 395 many times and had a great review for Tuttle Creek Campground. After a wonderfully uneventful drive out of Tahoe we paid our $2.50 fee (1/2 price with our National Parks Pass) and settled in to watch the beautiful sunset....oh, and for Bill to start working on his swing in anticipation of his upcoming golf game at his reunion!
The campground is in the shadow of Mt. Whitney with a babbling brook running through it, but try as we might we couldn't see any fish.

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