Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things happen just the way they are supposed to...

Serendipity, fate, whatever you call it - you rarely can change it, so one just has to learn to relax and go with the flow... This attitude, if one could employ it round the clock, could serve you very well especially when living in an RV on the road. Recently we came home one evening to find that one of our pantry shelves had slipped one of the metal clips that was holding it up and it was leaning sideways. Now I must digress here and tell you that Mr. Bill LOVES to shop at Costco & LOVES to get a bargain, i.e. very large quantities or sizes.  I was so very happy when we moved out of our South Lake Tahoe home 18 months ago that I could fit everything from my fridge at home into my one in the RV. Not quite the same with what was in my pantry but I did stock that RV pantry full! God forbid we got stuck somewhere and would need 8 cans of soup! But as my mother would say..."just because you can, doesn't mean you SHOULD". I had also been reading lately that after a year of traveling one should really go through all of their "stuff" and get rid of everything you haven't worn or used in the last year because most likely you won't use it the following year either. Well, it was late at night and Bill was beat so he crashed and I was left staring at this poor, almost broken shelf. I just couldn't go to bed knowing that it might break completely while I slept. So I started pulling everything out - now mind you, this is a floor to (RV) ceiling pantry, and this baby is stocked! I could not believe all the crap that was in there that I knew we would never use. So I started making piles, an especially large one was items that Bill used to cook with, specialty sauces and such, which I would ask him about in the morning. After living in the rig all of this time there were certain things I needed access to on a regular basis and there were other items that I was constantly moving in and out to the counters while we traveled and so on and so forth, you all have similar dilemmas I am sure. But now I realized that some reorganization was necessary, in addition to some purging as well. And purge I did! And rearrange I did! And it looks great, and you can see what's on the shelf, and the super heavy things are on the very bottom! And best of all I had replacement shelf clips on board!! We dropped off several bags of food with Bill's brother, Kurt, to be taken to the local food closet and we now have room - in our pantry, and in our souls. It is amazing what a reduction in clutter can do for one. So next time you are met with an unfortunate surprise, look at it as an opportunity - who knows how things will turn out!

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