Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keep Austin Weird!

Fried Avocado @ Trudy's

Well, we did our best, what can we's kind of how we roll! We moved from Smithville into Austin proper and stayed at McKinney Falls state park 10 miles from downtown - beautiful, quiet and very reasonable. We were able to get some work done and also get into town to hear some great blues and explore the city. We could both come back to spend more time here, great little city. RVing friends Jeanette and Dennis joined us at the campground for the weekend, before they went into town to street park with Maria and Brian. Jeanette was putting henna on her hair & when I took a look at my roots we decided I must use her crazy purple hair dye to get ready for Mardi Gras - so on a rainy day with nothing much to do we played beauty shop! 

Angie & Malabar visit!

Another rving friend, Angie, drove up in her new rig from New Braunfels, where she was parked, for it's maiden voyage to visit us. It was so good to see her! 

We missed seeing Alejandro Escobar play at one of the clubs in town and our friend Suzanne, from Tahoe, said we just HAD to see him, lucky for us I found out that he was playing at Luke's Locker (a sports clothing store)after a fun run they were off we went for not only a free concert, but free beer and food too! Talk about up close and personal, this was the way to see him - thanks to Suz!

We had such a good time with the music scene in Austin & the funky vibe in the town. Bill had been telling me for years that he was called "Oat Willie" when he lived in the Phillipines and they actually still have several Oat Willie head shops in town - so we had to hit that up, just because! We also went to see the spectacular Capitol building & did a little hiking in our rv park.

Eventually we caught up with Maria and Brian who found a choice parking spot right behind this funky rv park in the middle of town that we weren't able to get a spot in.
with the gang at Uncle Billy's

And finally we got our butts to a hash! I think the last time we hashed was when we dragged Maria and Brian last winter to a couple of Phoenix hashes. It was a crummy, rainy, freezing cold day in Austin on Super Bowl Sunday...but what else were we gonna do?! It was Jeanette and Dennis' first hash and seasoned veterans Maria and Brian's 3rd. And this was a good one to bring virgins to - unfortunately my virgins, and Maria and I all followed this wanker who led us straight to the end, so we had to backtrack to make sure we got to the beer check, jello shot check and field goal competition - I couldn't let them miss that! The trail was great & I even got to take an amazing fall crossing a drainage ditch where I slid about 20ft on my butt, but ended in STYLE! Check out my shirt! 

The "On In" was at the hare's house who had been BBQing briskets all day, Texas style, had a keg of yummy beer, a very long, singing circle and finally super bowl viewing in his warm, cozy house. 

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