Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spencer Hot Springs

We finally purchased a few books on hot springs...since this is all about hot springs & hashing! So we headed out of Reno east on hwy 50 & ended up on a gravel road that had not been leveled out in some time...once we were about 1/4 mile into it we knew we were in trouble AND there was no way we could turn around - so on we went for another 7 miles, with Bill muttering "...this better be worth it!"...and it WAS!!  A few natural hot springs that had some rustic ways of controlling the temp, which worked great - we got there in time for sunset & happy hour & after putting together some of the yummy things I purchased at the farmer's market in Tahoe we hiked up to a secluded one that happened to be the best! As we watched the sunset we could hear the braying of the wild donkeys in the distance...and again in the morning, it was wonderful. 
We met a young couple at one of the other hot springs that had been traveling for a year - in a tent and a little car! We spent the night & got up early for the sunrise & noticed one or two other people there who waved but no one close by, it was a fabulous experience, EXCEPT for the road!!

We stopped in Beatty for a drink & on our way out of the parking lot we took a sharp, too sharp a turn with a dip & our pantry store swung open & a huge bottle of olive oil broke & spilled all over the place, what a mess! Gotta get that door latch fixed! Bill got a rug cleaner & we're good as new now, thank goodness cuz we just weren't that keen on replacing the carpet right now...we do eventually want to replace it with the wood flooring that is in the kitchen but NOT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

On On to Pahrump!

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