Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our October digs...

Life doesn't suck, ok??? We really landed in a sweet spot in the middle of an incredibly dumpy town! I found this RV Resort online & was intrigued...we knew the town of Pahrump was a Dump, BUT we kept telling everyone this place "online" looked fantastic. As our date to leave Tahoe approached I was getting more and more nervous, but then I called to confirm our spot & was told we got the best location! Some of the spots here are owned & we got one of them & did they do it up nicely! The resort here is really beautiful, lots are spacious & we don't have any neighbors close by - it's pretty empty right now but we hear a big rally is coming in this weekend & it will be packed. There are 2 pools, full gym w/beautiful locker room, jacuzzis indoors & outdoors & our favorite, a little bar & grill complete with pool table & bowling alley! And YES, i can wear those spiffy new bowling shoes I got at the brewery!!

Bill set his office up nicely & has an escape plan in order should the intermittent thunderstorms approach, but the roof is good so that helps! Right now everything is going according to plan...but we all know that won't last long! The weather is glorious & we spend our evenings outside or in the little bar.

I had a frustrating Monday with fax & cell phone failures but everything seems to be fixed right now. We've made our plane reservations for the first trip home to Tahoe for work for both of us - I am just hoping we don't have to do that too often as it's pretty darn expensive!
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