Sunday, September 5, 2010

towing.......oy vey

It's always when you think you've got to be all done buying crap when you get hit upside the head! When we bought our little BeBe she came with a tow bar to use to tow a car behind you. The previous owner had a Mini Cooper so we knew there was going to be some adjustment to whatever 4wd we purchased...but had no idea we were in for another $3000 purchase!!! The set-up of this little excursion we call "full-timing" has definitely turned out to be way more expensive than we expected. But of course, we do like to do things "right"...

So far we have purchased shade screens for the front, driver & passenger windows for when we are parked - they do keep out 85% of the sunlight & since all of my computer info is up there I have to protect it!
Then we got a "bra" for the front because after our CO trip BeBe got slammed with were the seat covers which of course, we really needed too, cuz we sit in them all day working & that fake leather just wasn't too comfy in the heat...then the tire covers...the new (towable) 4wd car...and now the tow package....once we purchase the mounting blocks specific for our car then we have to make sure we have all the right wiring and something new - an auxiliary braking system! I did my best buying all of the parts online, saving us about $500 but we are still going to have to pay about $1000 to get this all hooked up, then, maybe THEN we will be done and can start saving all that money we set out to do with this venture....we will keep you posted! 

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  1. And I thought my Workstation was intense....that's a lot to put away!
    Lookin' Good!