Sunday, September 19, 2010

drips and drains & all those pesky homeownership horrors!

Our friend, Jen, noticed a little "wetness" when I pulled something out of the basement (what we call all the storage down below) & that it was located right under the sink...oh no, here we go...Bill is incredibly handy but when it comes to plumbing he just screams!!  I have found that it really is the only thing that totally unglues him - tee hee!  Anyway...drip, drip, drip, under the sink is damp and then I notice a week later that another spot farther away is wet...we can't find the RV plumbing part he needs, blah, blah, blah, he unscrewed it, put some vaseline on it, adjusted the water pressure and voila - no drippage! We ARE keeping an eye on it but omg, what is next, I am sure I can't even imagine!

We finally opened up all the boxes we ordered for the tow bar assembly & hooked up the part that goes on Bebe easily, now to pay the blood suckers to hook up and wire the Subie on Tuesday...had to buy a hitch to go on the Subie which U-haul will do Monday morning...are you adding all this up $$$$$$$ ? Now we are talking about solar panels for the roof that can angle up for some boon-docking power to our computers. 

We have 10 days left in Tahoe and I am both sad and excited, sad to leave my beautiful Tahoe and all of our amazing friends and excited to really start on our adventure. 

There is this great site - people more like us, working, burners, young-minded and they are having a New Year's eve party in Quartzite. A few of them boon-docked out there last year & it's really really CHEAP! One described it as burning man without the dust & costumes! But they also have access to dump stations and water. So we are trying to educate ourselves about boon-docking long-term & still being able to work. Not sure if this will happen during tax season though, that may be a little too stressful. I think I need a pool & jacuzzi during March & April ;)

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