Friday, October 7, 2016

Mom's birthday celebration

We had an uneventful journey down the state and delivered all of the antiques back to my parents. The next day I packed up my mom and with my angel of a husband watching my dad for two days, we set off for Los Angeles. My mom was born in LA and she still has a large majority of her family there, to say her favorite thing in the world is hanging with her family would be a large understatement. We spent two nights in Beverly Hills with good friends, Don and Anita; we spent lots of time with Justice and Lauryn, and I even think I was able to babysit for a couple of hours.

Mom and her cousin, Carl, one of her favorite people!!

Baby Justice looking like such a big boy at the table!

The little family

Mom's favorite, coconut cake.
The birthday girl!
Mom had a great time, and I'm just sorry I didn't get pictures of everyone who joined us - Cher, Don and Anita and Judy, Carl's wife. We left the next morning and while we traveled south, Bill was busy packing up the truck as we wanted to join in the Labor Day festivities being planned in C'ouer d'Alene by our friend Raz...Derrel and Pam, from Texas were joining us as well as Cora and Mike from South Carolina. Idaho is kind of on the way to South Dakota, right??!! Another one of our great ideas (NOT!) was to drive to South Dakota to get our driver's licenses. We had recently changed our residency to South Dakota, for tax reasons. Earlier in the year we had registered our truck there and now it was necessary for us to be licensed drivers in the state as well. Just why we thought it would be better to DRIVE there I cannot tell you...something about, oh, we'll go camp in Yellowstone, or some such nonsense....once we looked at the temps in the 30's that wasn't happening! 

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