Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hashers/Burners in the House!

Our friend Panty Free, aka Laurie, usually travels to Cabo every winter. The past two winters she had not made it down, but when she heard we were going she put it on the top of her wish list. Our friend Daniel, aka, Cheek, has been itching to come out and hang out with us on the road and really wanted to come down to Baja. The two knew each other, not well, but I told Daniel to talk to Panty and maybe they could work something out and come down together. Plans were set in motion and I commenced with ordering things online and making up a wish list of a few things I'd like them to bring down. Getting mail and packages in Mexico is not easy and then there is the duty you have to pay on everything you buy online. There were two things that were on the top of my list - an ATT "Go" phone and a letter from Chase authorizing us to bring our Subaru into Mexico. The phone I needed in order to receive calls from my daughter, who is in jail. She cannot call a long-distance number and the Google or Skype talk wasn't working because the internet wasn't fast enough. We were hoping the go phone would work - my ex purchased one for me, activated it, loaded it with money and mailed it to Laurie for me. The Chase letter we needed because we were thinking we'd like to try taking the ferry from La Paz over to Topolabampo, on the mainland of Mexico, and drive their nice (or so we heard) 4 lane, wider highway home. It was going to cost us close to $800, but save us about $300 in gas, a couple of nights on the road - including campground fees, and more importantly, my husband's sanity.

We anxiously awaited their arrival - the site next to us was available and they settled in nicely making our camp look just a bit like a burning man encampment.
Panty's trailer is on the left, Cheek's shade structure over his tent is in the middle back,
the doggie shade structure is in the front middle, and we are on the right!

They were both happy to stop traveling for awhile. The drive down can be exhausting when making a bee-line for the cape so we just chilled and they settled into our slow-paced life of hanging at the tiki bar, walking the beach & hitting our favorite bars. Cheek spent a lot of time swimming and throwing the ball for Ariadne, Panty's dog. Right now we are all very sad because somehow Ari got lost on their travels back home around Rosarita Beach and she is still missing. She is the sweetest and most well-behaved dog I have ever met.

Laurie and I took off for a girl's day in Cabo - we started at the Mercado Organico in San Jose where we picked up some fabulous veggies, then headed to Cabo to the custom swimsuit shop where we had custom suits made - so much fun! I brought in a suit and a pair of boy short panties that I wanted copied, picked out some fabulous material and it turned out SUPER CUTE!
We hit the atm for cash and then found an awesome spot for margaritas!
Can you spot her?!
 We had so much fun in this place - trinkets and do-dads everywhere you looked - and Laurie bought me a super cute purse! 

We had a lot of fun filled, chill days. I found a cross-fit for Daniel to go to on the beach, which he said was the best one he'd ever been to. I enjoyed my last days at the yoga studio and another class I found on the beach. I finally rented a SUP (stand-up paddleboard) and want to do more of that. We went to sleep listening to the cows walk down the street with their bells clanging and woke to the sound of the roosters and birds. Bill started running again in preparation for his relay run around Lake Tahoe and life just didn't seem like it could get better. We kept putting off our last day, but finally Daniel and Laurie left, Daniel to go to a friend's house in Cabo and Laurie to try and get her trailer axle fixed and go visit Pat on the pacific side. Laurie brought Pat back to Cabo where we all met up at the rv park where Laurie and Pat first met. 
Villa Serena RV Park, Cabo San Lucas

Laurie and I went to pick up our suits and retrieve our atm cards that both of us had left in the machines - and guess what folks, the bank had them! We hit Mi Casa for margaritas again, and then hit the road to take Pat back to Pescadero and head up to Tecolote Beach where we wanted to camp on the beach for a few days while we tried to see if we could get on the ferry. Boy do I wish I had a pic of what that beach looked like when we got there, the Thursday before Easter! Semana Santa is what they call the Easter week of vacation here, but it's more like 2 weeks and it seems as if every single person in Baja heads to the beach for a party. Our friends, Sini and Bob, were on this beach about 6 weeks before and it looked deserted. Laurie and Daniel had been on this beach the week before and again, deserted - the beach that day looked like Mardi Gras times 10! Bill and I took one look at each other and said NFW!! I made a call to the rv park in La Paz where we had stayed on our way down and they had plenty of room for us, so off we went...and what a great idea that was! 

This is Cheek's set-up - the sea is right behind those trees.

                                                                                       Our last meal together...

Our last night in Baja.....for awhile...

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  1. Hi Devi,

    I'm really enjoying your blog! We're thinking of driving down Baja and spending a couple of months in the Cabo area next winter. How is the Villa Serena RV Park? Is the Wifi reliable enough to work on? Or do you know how reliable the Telcel wifi plans/hotspots are?