Monday, March 26, 2012

Cedar Key Florida

.... where we are now, paradise! We had a six-hour drive from Destin to Cedar Key, pretty, uneventful; we did stop along the way to make sure we had "provisions" as we had heard there wasn't much on the island. I was a little nervous about the RV park where I had made a reservation for three nights, but figured, it's only three nights. I really try to do my research before I make a reservation some place, but most of it is based on the opinions of people I don't even know, so it's always a gamble. And this time, that gamble paid off, in a big way. From Otter Creek, the last "town", the 30-minute drive into Cedar Key is beautiful, lush with many trees, and a few little homes/ranches along the road, looking very different from the Florida I had previously experienced, which was only an overnight in Miami before a cruise and visiting Bill's mom in Clearwater/Tampa - all very urban areas. We crossed over a narrow causeway with water close on either side - this was my first experience with the keys. And then I spotted the funky little multi-colored trailer in front, which I remembered from the website - this was the place! 

It's not a big park but it has a certain kind of "personality" all it's own - the picnic tables are all painted in ice cream colors, as are the bathrooms. There's a cute little clubhouse where they have a few activities like karaoke, texas hold 'em, bingo and live bluegrass music every weekend. The main office building doubles as a cafe open Monday-Saturday 7-7. We settled in nicely to our little spot, but didn't get too settled as we were only going to be there a few days. Our sights were set on spending tax season in Tampa at McDill AFB famcamp. We were only guaranteed two weeks in a full hook-up site there and if there was a wait list at the end of our two weeks we would have to cycle into overflow camping with no hook-ups and then into partial hookups before we could get back into a full hook-up site. We wanted to stay six weeks so this could have meant three moves & during tax season! And we were also still going to be an hour's drive to see Bill's mom. 

Fresh fruit and vegies stumbling distance from our rv park.
We had only been in Cedar Key a day or two and I was extolling the virtues of the place to all who would listen... while writing an email like this to our friend, Maria, another full-timing nomad, I turned to look at Bill and said "if we like this place so much, why are we leaving??" I mean the whole benefit of our lifestyle is that we can go anywhere, anytime...we had only put down a small deposit at the military famcamp so even if we lost it the rates were cheaper in Cedar Key, I was in love with the town, there was free yoga five days a week, a farmers produce stand Thursday - Sunday and we could ride our bikes all over the island! 
It was quite a bit further from Bill's mom (3 hrs vs 1) but we figured instead of seeing her a couple of times a week, we'd drive in every other weekend and spend a couple of days. So off I marched into the office to see if they could find room for us - and within a few hours they had, and we could stay right where we were if we wanted! 
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  1. You started a wave... this place has now been discovered by the NuCrew and will always be a spot to meet up, I get the feeling. THANKS you two for the introduction to Cedar Key! Glad you stayed and invited us all.

  2. Debbie....enjoyed meeting you and Bill....stopped by your site on the way out of town, and you weren't in.....will be following your blog. Enjoyed meeting the whole "crew"....a very eclectic bunch for sure, but all interesting people. Hope we cross paths again....we're off to Stuart, FL for a week, and then north through St. Augustine, and up to Savannah, GA.

    Safe travels to you and Bill!

    Clarke and Elaine Hockwald