Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Colorado 2011

What a fabulous place to HAVE to go visit family, ha ha! Last year Bill's family had a big reunion in Colorado Springs - Bill hadn't seen most of his relatives in 30 years! We had a blast & found out we had a lot in common with his cousin Becky, who is now known as Rebecca... She is about my age and just recently married a guy who is Bill's age & he just happens to also be Jewish. We really had fun with them and definitely wanted to see them again and spend more time together; luckily for us with our lifestyle it's a pretty easy thing to arrange. 
They live in the Snowmass area in Aspen, up a windy, curvy road that definitely put Bebe to the test. Parking Bebe was a huge issue, and we eventually were ticketed but cousin Rebecca pulled her magical strings and got it taken care of. We stayed at their lovely home with their cute dogs, spent hours, cooking, shmoozing, and getting to know each other. We took a long drive out to their cabin along some great river in a beautiful area, the guys fished & Bill pulled a beauty out of the water - Andy put it on his smoker & it was yummy. 

Next we were off to Golden, CO for more visiting - this really happens to be my favorite part of rv-ing, meeting up with family and friends everywhere...

We were very excited to hook up with our Quartzsite NuRVer friends Kev & Angie, & Maria & Brian who were all converging in the Denver area. We had spent a little bit of time in Golden in 2010 visiting our Tahoe friend & Bill's co-worker, Jake, who had moved there and we really loved the town. We stayed in a great little city-run campground that was right on the river, walking distance into town & around the corner from the big city rec center - and oh, did I mention, stumbling distance from the GOLDEN CITY BREWERY?! 

Love, Love, Love Golden...met up with the NuRVers at the brewery & then for all you can eat pizza, much fun ensued...visited Kev & Ang at their campsite for a BBQ & discovered a new & improved way to make s'mores - must toast & melt the choc on the graham first!! Got to see Jake again & then off to CO Springs to stay at the famcamp at USAFA, Bill's alma mater....

We had some amazing fun with cousins, Mike, Gaye and Rick - lots of pool playing time with Rick! Maria & Brian met us again to sample a few breweries. 
The Air Force Academy rv campground was beautiful & except for the constant train whistles it would be the best ever...loved their gym & they had yoga classes every day. We got together with Bill's classmates TJ in the Denver area & Chuck & Shelly in CO Springs, he also got to see classmate & former Phillipines roomate Gary Grant who was visiting from Albuquerque - I got to see the cadets marching & even attended High Holiday services at the Jewish chapel on site. Bill visited a friend's grave there and found a golf ball on it! We'll be back next year for sure as it's Bill's 40th reunion!

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