Saturday, April 22, 2023

Maybe the whirlwind exodus wasn’t the best idea…

 I’m sitting here, on the eve of our arrival to Las Cruces, absolutely exhausted and thinking about how I could have managed this exodus better. I thought I had everything set up so perfectly and was amazed that it’s all fallen into place. It all worked just as planned - I was holding my breath and counting my lucky stars and giving copious amounts of thanks…but I truly manifested this entire thing and the universe and all the wonderful people in our lives participated and helped us get to tomorrow. But, we are exhausted! Coming off of a 3 week cold and having to drive 2,200 miles in 12 days shlepping stuff in and out of the car, how many times?! Well, let’s see! 

First Stop - Loreto, Coco’s Cabanas - great big fridge

Second  Stop - Ignacio Springs B&B, 2 nights - no fridge, ice maintenance

Third Stop - Debb & Mike’s in San Felipe, 2 nights - huge fridge and freezer, major haul in of coolers

Fourth Stop - Cousin Cher’s in Indio, 4 nights - major haul in of everything, change suitcase for cooler temps

Fifth Stop - Blas and Amanda’s in Tucson - was gifted a bag of ice so we could do cooler maintenance

Sixth Stop - Eddie’s casa in Albuquerque, 2 nights - fuck the coolers!!

Tomorrow night - home for the next five-six months!!

We got to see the fam in Palm Desert and I spent time with Justice, Lauryn did our hair, and took us out for the best burgers ever at Cowboy Cantina. Cher and I got to hang out a lot, which was the best, and she took me to a Bruno Mars cover band show that was super fun, Got to see my mom everyday and she’s doing so well. Very busy with organizing book group and mah jongg where she’s living now. It was fun celebrating 420 with Blas and Amanda, although it was just another day for us! Next year we hope to partake in the big celebration that Las Cruces did this year. We spent earth day weekend in ABQ at the launch of the Vegan Village where we also met up with DUHHH, aka Judy - a hash friend we know from Tahoe Relays. But there’s definitely a price for this….THIS is exactly why we stopped full-time rv-ing!! We can’t help ourselves, or rather, I can’t help myself. 

So we’ll see how this all plays out….I have heard that people are wondering why we left LB so I’ll be sure to write a bit about that next #kassonswildride 

Blas and Amanda

San Felipe

My fav cuz, Cher

Oops, out of order

4:20 Arrival in Tucson! On 4/20

Another out of order, cousin Cher

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