Thursday, September 23, 2010

final preparations for the big adventure....

Spent Monday getting the hitch put on our new Subie...
Spent Tuesday getting the tow bar attached to our new Subie...
Spent a bizillion $$ doing all of this..but actually saved over $700 by buying the parts myself online & taking everything to the RV place in Carson City to install, they were doubtful that I had everything, but I did - woo hoo!
Also had the brackets installed for the Guardian Rockshield we purchased to protect our Subie from stuff kicked up from BeBe...
the new tow bar hook-up
our new hitch
This weekend Bill will install the auxiliary braking system and we will start to pack up & see what we do and do NOT have room for to take outta here!  Another trip down to storage, for sure, to drop of some unneeded things and pick up some others we thing may be useful.  I think we are going to be ok, space-wise, which I am pretty shocked about. We may actually have room for a box load of firewood & I think we are going to purchase a small gas BBQ because we have really used our gas grill (from home) here most every night. We trashed our camp stove in 6 weeks but luckily had a brand new one in storage we had never used - I actually think we will get more use out of this one, so that's cool. 

I am getting a bit nervous....Bill has only  5 days left in the office so this weekend is going to be intense, making sure he has everything he needs & preparing for both of us to be in this tiny space 24/7. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

drips and drains & all those pesky homeownership horrors!

Our friend, Jen, noticed a little "wetness" when I pulled something out of the basement (what we call all the storage down below) & that it was located right under the sink...oh no, here we go...Bill is incredibly handy but when it comes to plumbing he just screams!!  I have found that it really is the only thing that totally unglues him - tee hee!  Anyway...drip, drip, drip, under the sink is damp and then I notice a week later that another spot farther away is wet...we can't find the RV plumbing part he needs, blah, blah, blah, he unscrewed it, put some vaseline on it, adjusted the water pressure and voila - no drippage! We ARE keeping an eye on it but omg, what is next, I am sure I can't even imagine!

We finally opened up all the boxes we ordered for the tow bar assembly & hooked up the part that goes on Bebe easily, now to pay the blood suckers to hook up and wire the Subie on Tuesday...had to buy a hitch to go on the Subie which U-haul will do Monday morning...are you adding all this up $$$$$$$ ? Now we are talking about solar panels for the roof that can angle up for some boon-docking power to our computers. 

We have 10 days left in Tahoe and I am both sad and excited, sad to leave my beautiful Tahoe and all of our amazing friends and excited to really start on our adventure. 

There is this great site - people more like us, working, burners, young-minded and they are having a New Year's eve party in Quartzite. A few of them boon-docked out there last year & it's really really CHEAP! One described it as burning man without the dust & costumes! But they also have access to dump stations and water. So we are trying to educate ourselves about boon-docking long-term & still being able to work. Not sure if this will happen during tax season though, that may be a little too stressful. I think I need a pool & jacuzzi during March & April ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

lessons to learn.......

...there are soooo many of them! Thank goodness for all of the great advice out there, I sincerely don't know how we could do any of this without it! It's been quite chilly in the morning lately here in Tahoe - down to 30 degrees! So we've taken to turning on the heater for a bit just to take the chill off ....had no clue what we were doing to our propane consumption until something prompted me to ask Bill how our tank was and low and behold we were on "E"!!!!!!! This was on Saturday & of course, Labor Day Weekend...tried to call around to some propane companies up here and of course, everyone was closed, called the campground office and guess what - the propane delivery peeps came FRIDAY! We could pack up the whole rv and take it to a tank to fill up but OMG that is quite a we decided to just stop using the heater and hot water & ride it out until we could deal with it this week....we've been showering at the campground facilities but washing up & doing the dishes with cold water. On the forums this morning I saw some chatter about whether or not to heat your water with propane or electricity as some RVs have both - when I asked Bill about this he checked ours and GUESS WHAT?! WE HAVE BOTH TOO and immediately switched it to electricity - woo hoo - hot water!!!!!!!!  gotta laugh..........

Sunday, September 5, 2010

towing.......oy vey

It's always when you think you've got to be all done buying crap when you get hit upside the head! When we bought our little BeBe she came with a tow bar to use to tow a car behind you. The previous owner had a Mini Cooper so we knew there was going to be some adjustment to whatever 4wd we purchased...but had no idea we were in for another $3000 purchase!!! The set-up of this little excursion we call "full-timing" has definitely turned out to be way more expensive than we expected. But of course, we do like to do things "right"...

So far we have purchased shade screens for the front, driver & passenger windows for when we are parked - they do keep out 85% of the sunlight & since all of my computer info is up there I have to protect it!
Then we got a "bra" for the front because after our CO trip BeBe got slammed with were the seat covers which of course, we really needed too, cuz we sit in them all day working & that fake leather just wasn't too comfy in the heat...then the tire covers...the new (towable) 4wd car...and now the tow package....once we purchase the mounting blocks specific for our car then we have to make sure we have all the right wiring and something new - an auxiliary braking system! I did my best buying all of the parts online, saving us about $500 but we are still going to have to pay about $1000 to get this all hooked up, then, maybe THEN we will be done and can start saving all that money we set out to do with this venture....we will keep you posted! 

funny happening while doing business....

Last week we had our new sheepskin seat covers put on - the guy from Reno made the trek up here to install them for us, so very cool!  While I was at yoga (with our car) Bill worked from home while the guy was here and at 9:10 remembered that the conference call he had at 9:30 wasn't one he could take from home/rv, there was a woman coming up from Sac to take the call with him at the office!  Realizing that there was a huge possibility that there would be no one in the office he gave the seat cover guy a check in case he wasn't back when he was done, threw on his clothes and jumped on his furry bike and pedaled there. She was in the parking lot waiting in her car when he discovered he forgot his office keys! As if it wasn't crazy (read: Tahoe) enough to see this guy on his furry bike ride up for a meeting, he jumps in her car and off they go back to the campsite where they take the call at our picnic table under our cute shade structure complete with candles and hanging Japanese lanterns....just doing bidness RV and Tahoe style!!